This is the story of the Lorax and the Blorax.


(purple bunny hops around)

(Car pulls up)

(Blorax steps out of car)

Blorax: Trees! And truffula trees at that! I hate trees, but truffula trees are illegal!

(Blorax pulls out axe)

Blorax: He-he-he.

(Blorax whacks the truffula tree)

Blorax: Die, tree!

(tree falls)

(epic lightning strikes the stump, and Lorax appears)

Lorax: Hey! Who chopped down this tree? This is my favorite kind of tree!

Blorax: I chopped down this tree, under protection of law. It says here (pulls out paper) that all truffula trees are illegal and must be made into thneeds!

(Lorax takes paper)

Lorax: What? These trees are home to many purple bunnies! I can't let you chop them down!

(Lorax rips up paper)

Blorax: No! My paper!

(epic music starts)


(epic music cuts off)

Blorax: No way.

(epic-er music starts)

Blorax: I AM THE BLORAX! I SPEAK FOR THE THNEEDS! I will clear this forest to make them. You NEED a thNEED!

(Blorax runs off to chop truffula trees)

(Lorax runs to Twice-ler tree factory)

Lorax: Do you have any more truffula seeds? Some maniac named "the Blorax" is chopping all the trees down.

Twice-ler: I don't have any truffula seeds. They're very hard to come by and the Once-ler stole them from me.

Lorax: Then I will go to the Once-ler.

(Lorax is running to the Once-ler when...)

Lorax: Ouch.

Blorax: Ouch. Watch where you're going. I almost chopped you in half. I really shouldn't have hesitated though.

(Lorax continues to run to the Once-ler)

Lorax: Once-ler! Give me the truffula seeds!

Once-ler: Never! I have to make thneeds!

Lorax: Give them to me!

Once-ler: No.

Lorax: Fine. I'll be back.

(Lorax sneaks up behind Blorax)

(Lorax steals axe)

Lorax: Ha-ha-ha.

Blorax: Come back!

Lorax: Give me the seeds or you will be chopped!

Once-ler: Fine. Take them.

Lorax: I got the seeds!

Blorax: Good for you. Now give me my axe.

Lorax: Okay, but you have to leave.

Blorax: Fine.

(Blorax takes axe)

(Blorax walks to car)

(Lorax jumps out from behind the car)

(Blorax throws the axe into the air)

(axe lands on car engine)

(car explodes)

Lorax: He-he-he.

(end of The Story of the Lorax and Blorax)