• You do not talk about Tuesdays.
  • You DO NOT talk about Tuesdays.
  • All important events that happen on a Tuesday are automatically twelve times more important.
  • Every day is a Tuesday in the Meniverse. There has never been a single Wednesday in the Meniverse since the Greatest Depression started at the time Joe was born.
  • Every Tuesday falls on a Tuesday. This was proven to be quite the shocking coincidence.
  • All of Joe's inventions were invented on Tuesday.
  • Anyone born on a Tuesday was not born any other day of the week.
  • Tuesdays are always really good or really bad.
  • Tuesday has seven letters
  • Seven has five letters.
  • Five has four letters.
  • Therefore 7+5+4 = 16 and 16 is the universal Tuesday number.
  • Therefore 7-5-4 = -2 and -2 is the universal Antituesday number.