Uysles Grant is useless. He is very egotistic and thinks he is always right. However, he causes a loss in all wars which he has led in. Once, he allowed Mr. Retreat to be in charge while he was using the bathroom. Instantly they were retreating and Uysles Grant lost the war.

The Alias W. S. GilbertEdit

You may have heard of a man named W. S. Gilbert. He wrote a particularly bad limerick.

W is secretly a double U, which stands for Uysles Uysles. Gilbert is an anagram for Grant if you add two letters and take away four. S is still S, obviously.

Therefore Uysles S. Grant is the infinitiverse's second worst poem writer. He has no concept of rhyming.

Uysles Grant's Average Day (it's a film)Edit

  1. Yell at the alarm clock to shut up.
  2. Get up.
  3. Make breakfast.
  4. Fiddle with the spoon until it falls on the floor.
  5. Cause milk to fall on the new carpet bought yesterday.
  6. Yell at the milk.
  7. Give up on breakfast.
  8. Start a war.
  9. Let Mr. Retreat be in charge while using the bathroom.
  10. Lose the war.
  11. Pay lots of money.
  12. Yell at Mr. Retreat.
  13. Play with action figures.
  14. Lose the war with the action figures.
  15. Yell at the action figures.
  16. Clean up the action figures.
  17. Be bored.
  18. Be more bored.
  19. Sing while dancing.
  20. Realize the neighbors are watching you.
  21. Yell at the neighbors.
  22. Fail to take a nap.
  23. Read a book.
  24. Fall asleep while reading the boring book.
  25. Wake up.
  26. Realize it's getting late.
  27. Go to the store and buy a new carpet.
  28. Throw away the old carpet.
  29. Laugh at the milk.
  30. Cause the milk to spill on the new carpet.
  31. Swear loudly.
  32. Go to the store and buy a new carpet.
  33. Put away the milk.
  34. Throw away the old carpet.
  35. Get ready for bed.
  36. Set alarm clock.
  37. Go to bed.
  38. Yell at the alarm clock for being set wrong.
  39. Set the alarm clock again, making sure it's on AM and not PM.
  40. Go to bed.