This verse is designed for (and by) Bob. There are eight days in a week here (The eighth day is called Eightday).

The technology is the second most advanced in the entire (known) infinitiverse. Best is the Advancedtechnologyverse, but (very secretly), the Secretiverse is first.

The air is nice and fresh and trees populate the landscape (1/17 are truffula trees).

The economy is amazing here. It's so amazing that the average cost of everything is $4. You can get a giant, superdeluxe mansion (with really advanced Wniverse technology) for only $100,000. The average house is only about $4,000.

Citizens in the Wniverse have an average of $673.91 with them at all times.

The unemployment rate in the Wniverse is .05%. Of all the people, 2% work in a factory, 8% work on a farm, and 89.95% have or work for a business.

There is also a negative money system in the Wniverse, but no one seems to have any.

There is only one tax in the Wniverse: Sales Tax. It's 50% (which sounds like a lot, but really isn't since most stuff is really cheap). This tax money then goes to improving the Wniverse.

Energy bills are very low at only $8 per exawattHour.

The average income is $500 per hour.

Since minimum wages cause problematic market distortions and cause unemployment to rise because some jobs and help are simply not worth paying the minmum wage from a business profitability point of view, there are no longer any minimum wages in the wniverse.

Election PositionEdit

Bob comes from here.

Bob: 84%

Mr. Amazingpresident: 13%

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